With Conrad & Associates, our proven preconstruction package will lead to successful project completion, positively impacting your equity and inclusion plan. Our priority is to collaborate with stakeholders to provide your team with accurate and timely information.

We know that one size does not fit all, so our team can tailor diversity-monitoring services to our clients’ needs as earlyas planning/design with continued support throughout the construction and occupancy of your project.

Goal Alignment

Conrad & Associates will work with all stakeholders in gaining an understanding of what the bottom line needs are concerning diversity and inclusion. Our team will identify all benchmarks and provide compliance contract language to be used to detail efforts that will support achieving the diversity and inclusion goals. We will provide informational guidelines and/or recommendations for reaching the project’s benchmarks.

Disadvantaged/Minority/Women Owned Subcontractor Solicitation and Prequalification

Our team provides in-depth research detailing experience and capabilities of all bidding contractors. Upon request, Conrad & Associates can provide safety reviews, licensure/certification verification, financial capability/reliability reviews, as well as past compliance with local and city initiatives (best faith efforts).

Job Fair Planning and Execution

Our Job Fairs connect employers with a diverse population of applicants from all skill levels. Our mission is to help contractors excel by attracting and retaining local skilled talent. We will identify a venue, create a marketing plan, and provide outreach to ensure that your Job Fair draws an audience with an interest in long-term opportunities in the building trades. Conrad & Associates will customize an employment application, Section 3 forms, and other documentation for all your compliance needs.

Walk-On List Management

As attendees register for the Job Fair, Conrad & Associates will create a Walk-On list of applicants to be rotated to all contractors before mobilizing onsite. We can provide contact information, resumes and applications and pre-screen all candidates based on the desired requirements of the hiring contractor. As your project advances, Conrad & Associates will maintain records of all referrals and will refer those who pass the initial vetting process.

Community/Owner Meeting Representation

Conrad & Associates recognizes that your team needs time to focus on delivering a quality, on-budget project. As a representative of your firm, Conrad & Associates will represent your company’s interest at community/neighborhood meetings, Access & Opportunity meetings, as well as Employment Commission and/or City of Boston agencies such as Boston Planning and Development Agency and/or Boston Resident Job Verification Office.