There is always strength in numbers. And your project’s stakeholders have an interest in identifying the number of Minority/Women/Veteran workforce and subcontractors over the course of the project. Conrad & Associates can offer daily monitoring with customized reporting including disaggregated racial, ethnic, and gender data routinely.

Field Data Collection

Our staff of field data collectors are trained to ‘walk’ the specific project site and identify/track all workforce (subcontractors and workers) onsite. We collect pertinent demographic information necessary for third party reporting and to assist with managing shortfalls in core crew staffing. The daily monitoring allows your team to focus on meeting your compliance benchmarks.

Pre-Mobilization Pre-Con Meetings

Preparing for the BPDA/BRJP is a challenge – not only for the owner/developer but also for the general contractor and its subcontractors. Conrad & Associates will review pre-con documentation, ensuring all contractors have completed and/or shared all projections and, more importantly, to avoid the sanctioning process on your project. We will review the Jobs Policy standards, past compliance efforts (and results) and make suggestions where improvement is necessary.

Corrective Action Meetings

Noncompliance is a scary word in the Construction industry. However, Corrective Action Meetings are pertinent to remind your project team of its obligations: with funders and the community. Upon monitoring your project, Conrad & Associates will identify subcontractor performance and/or any trends that will bring the project to noncompliance and facilitate a meeting with the underperforming subcontractors to see what assistance is needed to remain in compliance: recruiting/hiring, timely payroll submissions, etc.

Subcontractor Support

Not every subcontractor has a back office support team. However, timely certified payroll submissions are expected weekly. Conrad & Associates has a team of virtual administrative professionals who can assist subcontractors with payroll submissions, marketing/branding, and conflict resolution/mediation. Our team is well veresed in Slaesforce CRM, LCP Tracker and other payroll processing software.

Specialized Training

Conrad & Associates has partnered with Safety Trainers, Inc. to offer you and your team the most comprehensive construction-related training in:

    • OSHA 10 & 30 General Industry

    • OSHA 10 & 30 Construction Industry

    • GHS HazCom General Awareness

    • Forklift Driver Certification and Renewal Training

    • NFPA 70E and OSHA Electrical Standard

    • Lock Out/Tag Out

    • Ergonomics for Repetitive motion and Lifting

    • First Aid and bloodborne Pathogen

    • Fire Safety, Exits and Extinguisher 

    • Response Options for Active Shooter in the Workplace